ED Series SkidWeigh Systems from IVDT

ED Series SkidWeigh Systems from IVDT
IVDT Solutions Inc. (Canada) - In almost all material handling applications effectively, consistently and accurately capturing the weight of the loads without disrupting the flow of materials can prove to be a challenge. In fact most weighing systems cannot endure the demands of the application and or are just not rugged enough to maintain the accuracy reliably over time. The IVDT ‘ED’ series lift truck scales are rugged, reliable and are built for all applications where +/- 1% of rated truck capacity is acceptable. The advantages of the system are that it is easy to install, does not affect the capacity plate of the lift truck where mounted, is maintenance free and does not require on-going calibration.

There are four models that provide a multitude of options to deliver productivity returns for almost all applications. Beginning with the ED2 system this model provides a basic scale system that requires little requirement from the operator and therefor integrates seamlessly into any application. The ED3 system delivers the results of the ED2 with additional features that include overload warning, excessive engine idling and ability to calculate multiple loads. Utilizing the advantages of the ED3 the ED4 Data Plus system is the perfect choice for that multi-purpose application that would benefit from the convenience of performing multiple functions with a single device while monitoring that data in ‘real time’ remote data collection through industrial blue tooth or wireless capabilities. The ED series weigh scale is also integrated into the ED5 Skid Fleet system that in addition to a comprehensive material handling scale also provides, OSHA safety check capabilities, overload, impact monitoring and utilization reporting all in ‘real time’ reporting to your computer terminal and or PDA device.

Designed for the material handling industry the ‘ED’ series of weigh scales fit onto to all lift trucks and electric pallet jacks including rough terrain vehicles and are designed to capture data that most companies simply cannot productively realize.

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