EXCELL Announces Launch of Bluetooth Shipping Scale

EXCELL Announces Launch of Bluetooth Shipping Scale
Excell Precision Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - EXCELL Precision announced the launch of its new Wireless Shipping Scale. It comes with bluetooth technology in which the smartphone or tablet display can be placed anywhere within 70 meters of the base. Since the display receives its signal from the base using radio frequencies, the display does not have to be within the line of sight, as long as the display is within 70 meters of the base.

EXCELL's bluetooth shipping scales are ideal for home, office and industrial environments and can be controlled via app on iOS or Android. The powerful app not only provides you with real-time weighit reading, but also with tare/zero/unit/hold functions, accurate postage and pricing calculation, history weighted shipments, and other bidirectional communications. You can use this app as shipping scale, parcel scale with Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT and other shipping companies.

"We help customers turn their scales into wireless capabilities, whatever their application needs are and in any working environment. Our bluetooth module ensures that almost all EXCELL's product are applied across various scales, indicators and platforms of any size." said Jeff Chien, EXCELL's vice president and executive assistant to CEO. "Bluetooth shipping scale is just one of the applications applied to our bluetooth modules. We can do more than you think. Innovation is key to making sure EXCELL remains the best Omni-scale solution partner worldwide. We have done many fabulous customized projects in the scale and automation world. If you need any help with regard to scales, just let us know and we will come out a solution for you. "

Bluetooth shipping scale makes it possible to calculate precise weights for letters to small packages and offer solution for correct postage. No more endless waiting at the post office lines. The hold and tare functions, and additional features, makes accurateness and professionalism go hand in hand.

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