EXCELL Launches Christmas Sales Promotion on IP68 Waterproof Series Products

EXCELL Launches Christmas Sales Promotion on IP68 Waterproof Series Products
Excell Precision Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - With the festive season fast approaching, EXCELL Precision is in the Christmas spirit already and has announced the launch of its customer loyalty program dubbed “Christmas Sales Promotion” in December. The program which started on December 1st will run until 31th December 2015.

EXCELL is offering customers a “Buy More, Get More Free” sales promotion program on its IP68 waterproof series products, where its IP68 waterproof and dustproof design has been tested and verified by SGS. “This promotion captures the festivity and goodwill of the most wonderful time of the year,” said Jeff Chien, VP and Executive Assistant to CEO of EXCELL. “We want to create a major buzz on our IP68 waterproof series products and excite our customers by offering them the chance to win amazing prizes that may already be on their wish list. This sales promotion is designed to be anything from Buy 20, Get 1 Free, up to Buy 100, Get 9 Free at your disposal”.

EXCELL IP68 waterproof series products, suitable for use in the wet wash-down environments of the food processing and chemical industries, are the most cost-effective solution in the market. The products included in this Christmas Sales Promotion are ESW, ELW, YSP, GW, QW, GTW, and Stainless O Platform.

About EXCELL Precision:
EXCELL Precision, founded in 1979, is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instrument for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. EXCELL is an innovative leader in the scale industry, and launched Bluetooth and Wireless Charging (Wi-Power) application scales lately.

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