EXCELL receives EU-Type Approval for its IP68 Waterproof Weighing Scales ESW Plus & ELW Plus

EXCELL receives EU-Type Approval for its IP68 Waterproof Weighing Scales ESW Plus & ELW Plus
Excell Precision Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - EXCELL announced that its IP68 waterproof weighing scale series have received the EU-Type Examination Certificate, allowing it to sell its ESW Plus/ELW Plus/YSW Plus in all EU member states without the need for individual national approval. By obtaining this approval, EXCELL has taken another significant step for its IP68 waterproof weighing scales. It will help ensure the successful implementation of EXCELL's business plan for its IP68 weighing scales in EU countries this year and for the many years to come.

"The EU-Type Examination Certificate is a compulsory certificate which has to be obtained before weighing instrument or components of the same type can be approved for sale within EU countries." said C.C. Lo, President and CEO at EXCELL. "The EU-Type examination encompasses tests with respect to conformity modules mentioned in Article 13 of Directive 2014/31/EU, which sets high standards for weighing instrument and safety performance. In order to achieve this standard, a weighing instrument must conform to a host of stringent European directives."

“There is significant market demand for high quality IP68 weighing scales and we are one of a few scale manufacturers in the world that can provide assured IP68 weighing scales. EU-Type Approval for the ESW Plus/ELW Plus/YSW Plus is another important milestone that we have now passed in offering users in EU member states access to cost efficient, quality assured, and environmentally sustainable IP68 waterproof weighing scales,” commented Jeff Chien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at EXCELL.

EXCELL provide a variety of IP68 weighing scales for customer's application. With ESW Plus and ELW Plus, now customers can choose stainless steel housing or ABS housing at their disposal. On top of that, the one-of-a-kind ELW Plus-WiPower is built on the benefits of inductive charging or wireless charging by removing the close-contact requirement, which offer the innovative services and features in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective possible.

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