General Measure's 15kg Checkweigher for Daily Necessities Production Line Weight Checking

General Measure's 15kg Checkweigher for Daily Necessities Production Line Weight Checking

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - General Measure’s ChexGo Series checkweigher CW-15K has been applied in the daily necessities production factory for double-checking the weight after the packing process.

In some countries, following the regulation, the daily necessities manufacture should build checkweigher at the end of the production line to ensure the product integrity. The underweight and overweight packs can be rejected by different types of rejectors, such as push-type, air blow, swing arms or roller conveyor, etc. Suppose there are several products packed overweight or underweight continually. In that case, we can set a maximum number of rejected product alarms, reminding us to check the production line to cut loss and avoid risk from production line damage.

The module design touch screen makes it easy to set up, check, and export the weights data. The stainless steel and hygienic convey belt are perfect for daily goods or food products. With adjustable feet, it can be integrated with different designs of existing production lines. The design of ChexGo serial follows the user-friendly principle.

Currently, GM’s checkweighers are well-running in different applications like food manufacture, pharmaceutic factory, daily necessities manufacture, cosmetics manufacture, logistic industrial and so on.

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