Giropès’ New B6C Weighing Platform

Giropès’ New B6C Weighing Platform
Giropès SL (Spain) - B6C Weighing Platform has double frame and 4 beam load cells.

Giropès SL introduce the new weighing platform B6C series. Built with ball bearings and load cups in a double frame structure turns the maintenance into the simplest one.

Platform series in multiple capacities and dimensions apt to a wide number of industrial sectors.

With only 90mm of height this platform series is available to be pit-mounted or on-ground being useful for different needs.

The B6C platform is constituted by double frame. The lower frame includes the load cells, the junction box and the movement stoppers. The upper frame is a metal structure which supports the weight to control.

The position of the ball bearing and load cups near the corner of the scale turns the entrance of the scale with unusual heavy loads into a sure one, it is nearly impossible to spill the load or have overload problems.

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