HBM SLS Sling Scale: the New Scale for Medical Use

HBM SLS Sling Scale: the New Scale for Medical Use
HBM - Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) – SLS - Compact lifter scale, certified as medical device. The battery-powered, direct-display SLS lifter scale is certified per ISO 13485 and 93/42/EEC as a medical device and can be integrated into existing suspension systems. The SLS lifter scale is available both in a legal-for-trade version approved for medical applications and a non legal-for trade version for private care. Due to its IP54 degree of protection it is optimally protected from humidity. It meets all requirements of the new 2011/65/EU RoHS Directive and thus guarantees that only minimum amounts of lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium VI or certain brominated substances (flame retardants) are used.

Video - Adjusting the SLS Sling Scale:

For medical and industrial applications - from weighing of patients to counting:
Do your patient lifts come already equipped with a scale? Weighing of patients is becoming increasingly important. Since 2003, European law requires legal-for-trade scales to be used in hospitals when dosing medication based on the patient's weight. The legal-for-trade version of the SLS lifter scale meets these requirements and therefore is particularly suitable for mobile use in medical applications.

However, the industry, too, benefits from SLS. A legal-for-trade SLS can be used for battery-powered measurement of weight and force. The non legal-for-trade version enables a counting function to be activated in addition to the mere weighing of components for consignment and is therefore optimally suited for stock-taking by units.

The legal-for-trade single-range version of the SLS lifter scale offers a maximum capacity of 200 Kg at 100 g resolution. Furthermore, a legal-for-trade dual-range version with an additional weighing range up to 320 kg and 200 g resolution is available.

Head start on logistics through verification independent of the place of installation:
Do you need legal-for-trade scales for use in different places of installation? Benefit from the logistics advantage resulting from a unique SLS feature! The lifter scale can be adapted to the respective place of installation even after verification and sealing. This enables you to keep a flexible stock of legal-for-trade scales. Provided that adequate training and authorization are ensured, you can enter the local g-factor by yourself prior to delivery.

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