Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014

On March 26, 2014

Intertraffic Amsterdam 2014 – International Trade Fair for Infrastructures, ITS Traffic Management, Safety and Parking, on Mar 25-28, 2014, at the Halls 1-6, 9-11 and the Elicium of the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Intertraffic is the number one trade fair formula in the traffic and transport industry. Since its launch in 1972, Intertraffic Amsterdam has become the platform of choice for professionals from around the world to meet. It is a biennial must attend event to stay up to speed on the developments in the fields of infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking. The world’s leading companies premier their latest products and techniques during a 4-day revelry of business gatherings and learning opportunities. Following the success of the Amsterdam flagship event, regional spin-offs of Intertraffic are also staged in Turkey, China and India.

Why visit Intertraffic:
Professionals from all over the world visit and participate at Intertraffic Amsterdam. This is why:
  • Intertraffic is the best way to keep you up to speed with the very latest trends and developments.
  • Intertraffic Amsterdam is organised once every two years to ensure that the products shown at the exhibition are totally new. Innovation is the key word at Intertraffic.
  • Intertraffic offers a fully comprehensive overview of the traffic and transport industry, provided by well over 800 exhibitors. All under one roof.
  • Intertraffic is the place where almost 26,000 professional visitors and exhibitors meet, network and do business with each other.
  • Solutions for all your problems regarding infrastructure, traffic management and parking can be found at Intertraffic.
Don’t miss this opportunity as an industry professional and join your colleagues at Intertraffic. You know it makes business sense.

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