Introducing the New Marsden B-250 Bench Scale

Introducing the New Marsden B-250 Bench Scale

Marsden Weighing Group (United Kingdom) - Press Release: The Marsden B-250 is our brand new digital weighing scale. Available to order now, this portable bench scale is equipped with a clear LCD display and comes in a choice of capacities.

It’s ideal for weighing parcels, boxes and small packets. In this blog post, we explain why it’s perfect for simple, straightforward weighing...

High accuracy weighing:

The B-250, like our B-200 bench scale, is one of our most versatile scales! It’s available in a wide range of capacities which makes it suitable for many industries and applications. Capacities range from 15kg to 300kg, to an accuracy from 2g through to 100g. Therefore, it can be used for most small to medium items from parcels in despatch areas to malt for breweries and components in factories.

Easy to use:

The B-250 is designed for easy weighing processes. Functions are easily accessible and the display is clear, with weight readings appear in pounds or kilos. The indicator is also magnetic, which means it will stick to any magnetic surface such as a worktop or shelf. This means you can position the weight display conveniently when using the scale.

The scale is powered by 12V AC adaptor or 6x AA batteries. The power down function saves power when the scale is running from battery power.


The B-250 is portable and easy to use anywhere, anytime. No need to have several weighing scales across your premises - just take the B-250 to where you need it!

Hold and Tare:

The B-250 Bench Scale has Hold and Tare functions (there is a Tare foot pedal available for operating this function by foot), allowing you to obtain an accurate weight reading, even if the weight on the scale is fluctuating or to remove unwanted weight from the display.

Stainless steel platter:

The metallic platter can be wiped down to be kept clean and hygienic, and can also be removed for cleaning.

Affordable price:

Just like our B-200, the B-250 is highly affordable - you can have an accurate, versatile, easy to use scale for relatively little investment. You can order through our website.

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