Ishida Europe: Brexit update 2020

Ishida Europe: Brexit update 2020

Ishida Europe Ltd. (United Kingdom) - Press Release: Brexit update 2020, 17 Dec 2020.

On the 1st January 2021 the UK will leave the EU and the future trading relationship between the EU and UK is still being negotiated.

No matter what the outcome is, the established Ishida Europe EU infrastructure which now includes a Netherlands-based distribution centre provides a solid foundation for dependable trading and the continuation of the comprehensive support provided to all Ishida customers.

We would again like to assure our customers that:

  • Ishida Europe will continue to conform to EU legal and regulatory requirements;
  • We will not pass on custom duties that will be applied on importing into the EU from the UK; and
  • There is no change in the security of supply of new machines, spare parts or service labour

The following justifies this position:

  • We already have a significant footprint within the EU – with directly-owned entities within 6 EU countries. Additionally, we have a network of long-established distributors in a further 12 EU countries.
  • With established market share in each of these regions, our conformity with current and future EU regulations will continue to be of paramount importance.
  • To ensure that we can continue to offer comprehensive support to our EU customers we have established a European Distribution Centre in the Netherlands which will house our largest stock of spare parts within the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.
  • We have a proven track record of trading outside the EU and managing the associated practices brought about by trading with countries where there are barriers to free trade and hence have the experience to ensure the continuity of effective trading.

We are ‘with you all of the way’ and here to answer your concerns and questions as we enter a time of uncertainty across the EU and UK. Please submit any questions to and we will answer these as quickly and fully as possible.

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