General Measure's New Video - The Calibration Method of GMT-P1 Weighing Transmitter

General Measure's New Video - The Calibration Method of GMT-P1 Weighing Transmitter

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - Press Release: GMT-P1, a basic weighing transmitter was launched last month, which can be used in variety industrial field. Its calibration without weights makes calibration process more convenient and efficient. Now, we are going to share with you how to calibrate GMT-P1.

There are two calibration method of GMT-P1:

  1. Calibration with weights
  2. Calibration without weights by historical data or theoretical data.

Equipment used in Calibration:

  1. Weighing platform with 20kg loadcell
  2. Weights with 1kg, 200g and 100g
  3. GMT-P1 Weighing Transmitter

The calibration with weights can be divided in three steps:

  1. Loading the weight
  2. Get the gained millivolt value and record it
  3. Input the weight value and record it

For calibration without weights, there are 2 different modes can be chosen:

  1. Calibration by historical data
  2. Calibration by theoretical data

By historical data, you need to use the recorded millivolt data at zero point, the gained millivolt data and weight value. By theoretical data, you must ask the loadcell manufacturer to provide the accurate loadcell sensitivity value. By this data you can calibrate the weighing indicator in 1 minute but with high accuracy.

For more details, you can check the video below to follow the steps to do calibration.

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