KSE Process Technology Webinar - Dosing Slide versus Dosing Screw

KSE Process Technology Webinar - Dosing Slide versus Dosing Screw

On September 17, 2014

KSE Process Technology (Netherlands) - KSE Process Technology BV organizes a webinar about the dosing slide versus the dosing screw on October 9th, 2014.

It's a challenge to find the most optimal solution for a discharge system. In many cases it involves considering either a dosing slide or a dosing screw. A responsible choice requires insight into the workings and properties of both a dosing slide and a dosing screw. During this exclusive one-hour online presentation, the participants will learn about the aspects you need to know to make a responsible choice.

This 60 min webinar will discuss the different activations, how a discharge system can determine the geometry of the silo, the mass flow and discharge characteristics of the different discharge systems, the dosing range and accuracy of the different discharge systems and the dosing (im)possibilities of the slide as well as the screw.

This webinar is intended for the technical director, production manager, operator, nutritionist, process engineer or project manager in an animal feed plant. Register for free via webinar@kse.nl.

About KSE Process Technology
KSE is a high-quality technology company with a wide range of machines, automation solutions and services for mainly the animal feed industry.

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