LAUMAS is celebrating 30 years of business in the electronic weighing field

LAUMAS is celebrating 30 years of business in the electronic weighing field
Laumas Elettronica S.r.l. (Italy) - 1984-2014: Thirty years of innovation in the weighing field

30 years have passed that year of 1984 when Luciano Consonni started his business in a small workshop in the suburbs of Parma. LAUMAS: this rather unusual name comes from the union of the initials of his two children, Laura and Massimo, the current owners together with their father at the helm of the company. Over the years, the company has changed the location of its head office several times to implement the space and where a continuously rising number of collaborators could work.

These 30 years of business represent an important milestone for the company, the result of the will, determination and constant commitment of the owners and the entire staff.

The wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the years, is for LAUMAS one of the most important and significant resources to maintain and continue to nourish.

For the rest of 2014, the company will proudly celebrate its 30th anniversary, by renewing its commitment in the Research and Development field of new technologies and always aiming more at the success of its brands on international markets, thus confirming a business strategy that strives to achieve ever more ambitious goals.

LAUMAS thanks all its esteemed customers and business partners, who in recent years have placed their trust in the company, thus participating in its growth.

“We hope to have contributed to their success as well. We wish you all the best for your work and that we may always continue... together”

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Other articles from Laumas Elettronica SRL.

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