Loma Systems makes Ultra Light work of European Checkweigher Approval

Loma Systems makes Ultra Light work of European Checkweigher Approval
Loma Systems / Lock Inspection (USA) - Loma Systems has been granted an OIML R51 Certificate of Conformity and an EC type examination certificate in accordance with the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) for its new highly accurate and tough Ultra LightWeight CW3 checkweighers by the National Measurement Office (NMO).

The CW3 Ultra LightWeight checkweigher can reliably and accurately weigh products from 15g – 400g with accuracy up to 0.05g. This new accreditation complete Loma’s entire range of checkweigher, meaning that Loma CW3 range has European approval from 15g to a 50kg capacity and can run at speeds of up to 120 metres per minute.

Loma’s checkweighers are designed to ensure long-term accuracy and stability in adverse environments, the Ultra LightWeight CW3 underwent comprehensive testing at the NMO bespoke facility in Teddington, London. The CW3 was positioned in an environmental chamber which simulates extreme operating conditions such as temperatures between -5°C and +40°C with 85% humidity. Additionally, the checkweigher was tested in an anechoic chamber, which is used to simulate the effects of radiated RF electrical interference.

The NMO is responsible for the Weights and Measures Act which is the main legislation covering weights and measures controls in the UK, and is a Notified Body for conformity assessment activities under the MID. NMO is also the UK Issuing Authority for OIML Certificates of Conformity. OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) R51 is used as Normative Document to demonstrate conformity with the essential requirements of the MID.

MID certification is recognised across Europe and covers metrological aspects of the equipment such as accuracy, readability of display, technical functionality, electronics, controls and test methods. The assessment process also ensures that the checkweighers cannot be used fraudulently. OIML R51 approval can be used to gain approval in countries outside of Europe.

The EC type examination certificate means that Loma can offer its approved checkweighing solution throughout the EU and confirms the Company’s commitment to ensuring that their checkweigher range is not just the market leader in accuracy but also further demonstrates that Loma checkweighers are ‘designed to survive’.

Loma has been working closely with the NMO for over 20 years and their guidance has helped in the approval process.

Paul Dixon, Product Certification Manager for the National Measurement Office said, “The Loma Ultra LightWeight checkweigher presented a number of challenges when testing with such low test loads. Working with Loma has enabled us to develop our test capability for these types of instruments, and we look forward to a continued good working relationship with Loma in the future”.

Checkweighers without such ratings are not built to withstand the harsh conditions of manufacturing environments and can be susceptible to producing false readings. Additionally, machinery can suffer from a number of costly faults such as inaccuracy, weight drift and intermittent ‘freezing’ which all result in incorrect machine statistics.

Andy Alexander, Loma’s Checkweigher Development Leader comments, “We are really pleased that our entire range of CW3 checkweighers have been awarded both OIML R51 and MID approval. The latest approval gave us a number of challenges to ensure the accuracy, but we drew from over 40 years experience. Customers can now have total peace of mind knowing that our checkweighers have passed such approvals”.

Loma’s checkweigher range can cater for all packs, cans, bottles, pouches, bags, sacks and blister packs making it ideal for both the food and pharmaceutical markets.

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