Management and control of production lines by Giropes

Management and control of production lines by Giropes

Giropès SL (Spain) - Press Release: Giropes expands its range of products designed for the management and control of production lines.

Over the past year Giropes has been committed to reinforcing its solutions for the management and control of production lines, launching two specialised indicators and making continual improvements to the GISCALE software.

The RFID system implemented in Giropes products allows for two different working systems, one with an autonomous operator and the other with a production manager.

In the first system it is be the operator who needs to identify the product or themselves (the data is downloaded to the indicator), while in the second system it is the line manager who identifies the product or the operator (they can work without downloading the data to the indicator).

The RFID system for the Giropes GI4xx series indicators also allows a block system option on the unidentified indicator via an RFID card.

The last product launched to the market was the GI400i PROD RFID, which consists of an indicated GI400i with IP65 protection and a stainless steel housing coupled with an external RFID reader that holds the RFID card to identify the product or operator.

The external RFID reader is designed in ABS housing with IP67 protection. The system is able to internally store records of up to 1,000 weighings and, together with the GISCALE software, it allows for better control of the weighing system and makes it easier to use.

On the other hand, the GI410i RFID is a numerical indicator with an integrated RFID reader specially designed for managing and controlling the weighing records by product or operator.

To complement a weighing system in a production line, Giropes has designed and continually improves the management software GISCALE, which is available in two versions, ONE and PRO, with different features according to the needs of the system.

The GISCALE software is a production line control and management software that, thanks to a fast and intuitive interface, allows the user to easily operate the program and manage their production lines.

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