Marsden Group’s New PT-450 Waterproof Pallet Truck Scale

Marsden Group’s New PT-450 Waterproof Pallet Truck Scale
Marsden Weighing Group (UK) – Marsden’s first fully waterproof pallet truck scale can be built to customer spec.

British weighing scales manufacturer Marsden Group has launched its first fully waterproof pallet truck scale - and it can be built bespoke to customers’ needs.

The stainless steel PT-450 is IP68 rated, and Marsden say it’s been built with some of the most challenging environments in mind.

The PT-450 is a result of enquiries from customers, who wanted a pallet truck scale that could be used outside or in damp environments, but still be easy to use and compatible with most pallet types and sizes.

The scale is built to order by the Rotherham-based company, and whilst there is a standard specification, the scale can also be manufactured bespoke to customers’ needs. Bespoke features available include alternative fork lengths and higher accuracies.

Features of the PT-450, and its IP68 indicator the I-400SS - also a new product for Marsden - include Tare, Gross, Hold, Accumulation mode and a 32mm LCD display. It is also unit switchable. Standard capacity is 2000kg, accurate to 500g.

Marsden’s Managing Director, Richard Black, said: “We are increasingly finding industrial customers want bespoke weighing scales, so our response to that is making our scales as customisable as possible. The PT-450 is not exception.

“The IP68 waterproof rating was also a must because there are so few affordable waterproof pallet truck scales on the market.”

Operations Director Mark Coates added: “Our first waterproof pallet truck scale is our most premium pallet truck yet. It’s perfect for challenging environments, it’s built to last and it’s easy to use.

“Pallet truck scales make weighing quicker and more convenient anyway - if the pallet truck is waterproof too, you have even more flexibility.”

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