METTLER TOLEDO and Tanaka Scale Forge Strategic Partnership

METTLER TOLEDO and Tanaka Scale Forge Strategic Partnership
METTLER TOLEDO (Japan) - METTLER TOLEDO and Tanaka Scale Works Co. Ltd. today announced a new business relationship that will enhance Tanaka Scale's position as a leader in vehicle weighing while significantly expanding METTLER TOLEDO's global reach in the Japanese vehicle scale industry. The business relationship is a strong strategic fit for both businesses, leveraging the companies' respective strengths.

Beginning immediately, METTLER TOLEDO POWERCELL® brand load cells will be integrated in all of Tanaka Scale's vehicle weighing applications. Tanaka Scale will benefit from superior weighing technology in its vehicle scales, while METTLER TOLEDO will expand the global reach of the POWERCELL® PDX® product portfolio and the METTLER TOLEDO brand.

These load cells offer exceptional reliability and accuracy, which allows Tanaka to continue its tradition of providing superior products and value-based solutions. These high-value products will allow Tanaka Scale to differentiate itself in the marketplace based on values that are important to its customers—consistent accuracy performance, better reliability and high uptime.

"Our new relationship with Tanaka Scale is a solid step to significantly expand our vehicle scale business in Japan," says T. Alton Hill, METTLER TOLEDO Strategic Business Unit Head for Vehicle Weighing. "This relationship will allow us to serve a broader range of customers with our superior vehicle weighing solutions," he says. "Additionally, METTLER TOLEDO's POWERCELL® PDX® load cells will add value to Tanaka's already high-quality products and help give both businesses a competitive edge."

METTLER TOLEDO will support Tanaka Scale's sales force with technical and sales training on the new dual-branded products. In addition, a joint marketing effort is expected to generate greater awareness of the METTLER TOLEDO brand in Japan and enhance sales for Tanaka Scales.

The National Metrology Institute of Japan now is finalizing its approvals of the products in advance of their expected launch in April.

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