New ConFoot Product is a Portable Solution for SOLAS Provision

New ConFoot Product is a Portable Solution for SOLAS Provision

ConFoot Ltd (Finland) - Press Release: Effective as of 1 July 2016, an update to SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) requirements state that shippers need to provide a weight certificate showing the VGM (Verified Gross Mass) of the container and contents prior to vessel loading.

This can be done either by weighing all content separately and adding the container’s tare weight, or by weighing the entire container after having been packed.

While the former is extremely time-consuming and in most cases quite unpractical, the latter requires very expensive and cumbersome weighing solutions.

Until Now.

ConFoot Ltd is introducing the latest addition to our product line, the ConFoot CFW set.

With electronic scales attached to all 4 legs of the set, containers including contents can be easily and reliably weighed anywhere, anytime, with no additional equipment required.

A light and mobile solution, operable by one person as all our products, ConFoot CFW represents traditional Finnish design and cutting-edge innovation at its best.

The ConFoot CFW set comes with an accompanying application for use with smartphones and tablets, enabling easy weighing and reporting.

Part of ConFoot’s ongoing research and development process and its latest fruition, ConFoot CFW legs meet and fulfill all SOLAS requirements.

A prototype of the ConFoot CFW is being presented at Intermodal Europe 2018 in Rotterdam, with deliveries expected to start in the fall of 2019.

Priced in the region of 6 500 euros per set of 4 CFW legs, and being the only portable, totally location independent option for container weighing, ConFoot CFW is the most versatile and cost-effective solution in the market.


About ConFoot Ltd:

ConFoot Ltd is a Finnish company currently based in Espoo, Finland, and with a distributor network in over 20 countries.

A proud representative of Finnish tradition of world-class manufacturing, design and innovation, ConFoot’s products are all portable, reliable and affordable, and reflect the company’s core mission: creating value by reducing costs and streamlining the supply chain.

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