New E-LINK 3000 Weight Transmitter from Pavone Sistemi

New E-LINK 3000 Weight Transmitter from Pavone Sistemi
Pavone Sistemi S.r.l. (Italy) – The Italy based company Pavone Sistemi is proud to introduce into the market the new E-LINK 3000, the Smart Box.

The one industrial instrument for load cell systems that meets all the modern requirements for connection and transmission. Choose from five different electronic configurations packaged in 5 different enclosures to satisfy all of your field installation requirement. Offers local and remote diagnostic.

Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU over RS 485, Modbus TCP over Ethernet and Canopen, choose the one for your needs.

Here are the main characteristics:
  • Can be part on any industrial supervision and control system
  • Local and remote diagnostic and fault location
  • Emulation control and automatic re-calibration compensates for a faulty loadcell
  • Inputs 2 to 4 loadcells
  • Remote configuration from PC with dedicated software or directly from the Master through the chosen communication protocol
  • Plastic and metallic boxes for field installation for any degree of protection as required by the environment

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