New Modular Steel Deck Truck Scale from Balanças Saturno

New Modular Steel Deck Truck Scale from Balanças Saturno
Balanças Saturno SA (Brazil) - Saturno’s steel deck truck scale was developed to replace the old style concrete deck scales which need huge civil work infrastructure.

This equipment fulfils all weighing applications as in all distinct market segments. It shows innumerous advantages over concrete deck scales, such as: quick installation, mobility, lower civil work cost, investment preservation, availability of immediate use eliminating platform concrete cure. Easily dismountable making freight and civil works very cost effective when re-installing.

Due to its intelligent and innovative design, the platform is easily expandable by aadding as many modules as necessary to reach the needed dimension. Totally made in Brasil, it uses materials with technical standards built to support overloaded vehicles, which transit on the Brazilian roads, without deformation. Saturno’s Modular Steel Deck Truck Scales can be installed pit type, shallow pit type or over the ground depending on the installation site characteristics and customer’s needs.

Some features:
  • Portable Modules.
  • Easy moving.
  • Low cost freight (1,5 m width two parts modules).
  • Relocation possibility, keeping 100% of the scale investment.
  • Civil works: quick execution (only supports blocks), low cost, as there is no concrete platform installation time is much shorter.
  • Quick assembling and calibration.
  • Immediate use after installation.
  • High corrosion resistance structure.
  • Over the Ground/Pit Type.


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