New TDSC weight transmitter with alarms from Celmi

New TDSC weight transmitter with alarms from Celmi
Celmi S.r.l. (Italy) - Celmi presents the new version of the Standard weighing transmitter with alarms type TDSC. The new software integrates the classic functions of a weight transmitter with the calibration function, TARE and peak measurement as well as having a serial port RS422 MODBUS. Have been added to the interfaces with the whole series of billboards in large numbers and function TWIN TYPE GC.

This feature allows two transmitters to operate in TDSC couple managing the three + three alarm outputs either as a single weight, either as the sum of the weights of the two transmitters. This function allows to solve in a simple and economical all those problems related to two measurement systems that must operate with two cells of different scope such as lifting systems with two winches.

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