New WDESK BL/BR weighbridge indicators from Laumas Elettronica

New WDESK BL/BR weighbridge indicators from Laumas Elettronica
Laumas Elettronica S.r.l. (Italy) - LAUMAS introduces on the vehicle weighing market the new economic weight indicators range for the management of WEIGHBRIDGES.

By developing the series WDESK BL/BR, LAUMAS adds an important new step towards the completion of the range of weight indicators engineered for the management of weighbridges. The proposed versions, series WDESK-BL (backlit LCD) and series WDESK-BR (red LED display) are characterized by a particularly low price.

Main functions of the new indicators:
  • Double weighing (entry and exit)
  • Single weighing (entry or exit)
  • Double/single weighing with trailer
  • Multiple weighing (weighing of multi-compartment trucks)
  • Open input weighs archive (max 254 weighs)
  • Trucks database with password (max 999 preset tare that can be stored and recalled)
  • Traffic light function
  • Totals management to count material loaded/unloaded
  • Customizable print header via PC.
Supported printers:
  • Epson TM-U295
  • Epson LX300
  • Custom Kube II
  • Laumas STAVT
  • Other models on request
The WDESK BL/BR series allows to manage up to 3 ranges (multi range) and is approved in accordance with European Directives 2009/23/EC (NAWI) and the International recommendations OIML R76:2006.

On request:
  • Alibi memory
  • Two-way radio transmission
Video of WDESKBR ABS weighbridge indicator with red LED display:

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