New XPE Analytical Balances from Mettler Toledo

New XPE Analytical Balances from Mettler Toledo
METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - XPE analytical balances - A new dimension in analytical weighing is introduced by METTLER TOLEDO. Electrostatic detection, innovative status light and wireless RFID technology make weighing easier and more secure.

XPE Balances provide outstanding performance in analytical weighing and support the highest requirements for safety, efficiency and ease of compliance.

Worry-free Weighing Thanks to Balance Intelligence:
XPE Analytical Balances provide the best performance in analytical weighing and support the highest requirements for safety, efficiency and ease of compliance. Thanks to low repeatability, XPE Analytical Balances offer you the smallest minimum weight.

Quality management features, such as the innovative StatusLight™ and patented StaticDetect™ technology, take the worry out of weighing and provide you with a high level of trust in your results.

With a wide range of accessories available and multiple connectivity options, XPE Balances grow with your needs. You can enjoy a wealth of weighing possibilities for years to come. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Switzerland for outstanding quality you can trust.

Intelligent weighing functions are available:
  • New color display including StatusLight with warning function
  • Patented StaticDetect functionality
  • New static elimination technology
  • TestManager™ for easy routine testing
  • Improved SmartGrid weighing pan
  • LabX® software for customized workflow guidance on the screen

Excellence XPE Analytical Balances - Watch the video and learn more about Worry-free Weighing:

Balance Ready:

The StatusLight built into the terminal uses color to indicate intuitively the status of the balance: Green means ready, yellow is a warning and errors are shown with red. The StatusLight clearly communicates if the balance is ready for you to start your weighing task.

Sample OK:

Our unique StaticDetect technology detects electrostatic charge on the sample and/or its container. The weighing error is measured and a warning is given if the user-defined limit is exceeded. Antistatic measures can then be employed. For the highest process security, release of the weighing result can be blocked.

Processes Under Control:

METTLER TOLEDO’s LabX® brings power to your laboratory bench. The software is unmatched in providing flexible SOP user guidance on the balance touchscreen. Automatic data handling, calculations, and report generation mean no more writing by hand. Transcription errors are eliminated and full traceability is assured. Excellence balances powered by LabX easily fulfills the highest process security requirements and supports you in your steps towards establishing a paperless lab.

Reliable Results:

Excellence XPE Analytical Balances combine patented METTLER TOLEDO weighing technologies with decades of weighing expertise to ensure you get the best weighing results available on the market — quickly and reliably!

Safe Weighing:

Excellence Analytical Balances have been ergonomically designed to make your life as easy as possible. SmartSens™ sensors allow you to operate your balance with the wave of a hand, making weighing tasks easier and avoiding cross-contamination issues.

Easy Cleaning:

With the unique SmartGrid and the draft shield that can be disassembled in seconds, always be sure that your weighing area is clean and safe.

RFID Based Operation — Pipette:

Modern pipettes have an embedded RFID chip that stores relevant information such as pipette ID, pipette volume, last calibration date and next calibration date. With the new integrated RFID reader checking this information is just a matter of seconds. With just one scan, the integrated RFID reader collects and shows on the terminal all the information stored in your pipette RFID chip — secure and fast.

RFID Based Operation — Titration:

Enter titration sample information securely at the balance and effortlessly transfer all information to the titrator via the titration beaker & SmartSample RFID tag.

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