OHAUS Corporation Introduces the Ranger 7000 Line of Compact Bench Scales

OHAUS Corporation Introduces the Ranger 7000 Line of Compact Bench Scales
Ohaus Corporation (USA) - OHAUS Corporation, a leading manufacturer of balances and scales, has launched the Ranger 7000 compact bench scale, the most advanced industrial scale in the OHAUS portfolio to-date.

Ranger 7000’s ten advanced application modes include weighing, checkweighing, counting, filling, formulation, percent weighing, dynamic weighing, display hold, density determination, and differential weighing.

Ranger 7000 contains a 300 item library for storage of weighing, checkweighing, counting, and filling data and 30 item library for formulation data, ensuring abundant space for all data storage needs.

Ranger 7000, built to withstand heavy duty use, has a die-cast sealed metal indicator and IP54 cast metal housing, which protect it from the harsh elements often associated with industrial environments. This modular scale’s display can be separated from the platform and bench or wall-mounted with the optional mounting kit accessory.

This technologically advanced bench scale is powered by OHAUS’ SmarText™ software, which propels the operation of the scale through the backlit display and navigation panel that is comprised of a keypad with 5 quick, 8 function, and 12 alphanumeric keys and a 4.3 inch graphic display.

Ranger 7000 comes standard with RS232 and USB ports. Additional connectivity options include a second RS232, Ethernet, 2nd platform, 2 In/4 Out digital I/O connectivity, and standard USB host port for bar code scanner or keyboard. Through the RS232/Ethernet and barcode scanner, a complete inventory control system can be set up through a single scale, considerably reducing the investment associated with more complex systems.

Strain gauge models have a 75,000d display resolution while magnetic force restoration (MFR) models have a 350,000d display resolution. All models are legal-for-trade approved and have one second stabilization times.


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