Onboard scales eliminates demolition vehicle overloading in NSW

Onboard scales eliminates demolition vehicle overloading in NSW
Accuweigh Pty Ltd. (UK) - Onboard Scales were recently fitted to a semi-tipper to eliminate accidental vehicle overloading for a New South Wales based Demolition Services Company. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch, the Onboard Scales were fitted to a 6x4 semi-tipper fitted with a combination of air & spring suspension systems.

Accuweigh’s TruckWeigh Onboard Scales are manufactured by Vishay Precision Group in the UK and is specifically designed as a low cost option for vehicles fitted with any combination of spring, air or rubber block suspensions. TruckWeigh has no moving parts and is not susceptible to wear or slipping out of calibration due to stretched or sagging springs which is a common problem in other types of Onboard Scales.

This client’s semi-tipper is used to remove all types of building waste from demolition sites and in many cases access to a local weighbridge is seldom available so the vehicle was regularly under-loaded to ensure compliance with legal axle loadings. Unfortunately, this short-cut fix to eliminate potential overloading fines was not a cost effective way of conducting business in this highly competitive industry.

Accuweigh’s Onboard Scales can allow vehicles to be routinely loaded to legal GVM without fear of accidental vehicle overloading which could incur fines and/or prosecution under the Chain of Responsibility Legislation (CoR). Accuweigh’s digital weight indicator displays the GVM as well as the individual weight of both the drive and trailer axle groups to assist with accurate weight distribution during vehicle loading.

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