Scaletec Unveils New Website for Enhanced Customer Experience

Scaletec Unveils New Website for Enhanced Customer Experience
Scaletec S.A. (PTY) LTD. (South Africa) - South African company streamlines online ordering of professional scales and balances.

Scaletec of South Africa, a distributor of balances and scales, recently introduced its new website. The new site will provide an enhanced customer shopping experience, simplifying the purchase of a new balance or scale for any laboratory, school, farm, retail, industrial or medical facility.

Thanks to the new website, Scaletec offers improved online ordering capabilities, including more product specifications and new photos of the balances and scales. A glossary of weighing-related terminology can help customers make an informed decision as to what type of scale will best suit their needs.

Scaletec also maintains and services an extensive range of weighing equipment. Services include installation, calibration, maintenance and repair. Regular calibration and preventative maintenance are important for balances and scales, for many reasons.

“Proper upkeep of your scale or balance is crucial when keeping an eye on business expenses.” said Magda Colyn, branch manager at Scaletec Durban. “Many times, a scale or balance is purchased and then never calibrated, which can result in inaccurate measurements. And that wreaks havoc on a company’s bottom line,” she added.

One unique aspect of Scaletec is its ability to fully and completely support the customer. From the initial selection process of a balance or scale, all the way through careful set up, training, maintenance and repair, Scaletec is there to provide stellar service, according to Jeremey Northcote, branch manager of Scaletec’s Cape Town office.

“During training, we will work with you and your team and make sure you understand all the important operating details of the equipment. This ensures that your weighing experience can be as productive as possible,” Mr. Northcote said. “The training session is just the start of a support system that we provide for you, with continued phone support to answer those questions that arise as you start to use the equipment,” he added.

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