Strainstall’s Large Capacity Load Cells delivered to China

Strainstall’s Large Capacity Load Cells delivered to China
Strainstall UK Limited (China) – Strainstall successfully designs, manufactures and delivers bespoke, high accuracy and large capacity load cells to China.
  • Strainstall selected to provide large, bespoke and high accuracy load cells
  • Unprecedented accuracy achieved in both tension and compression
  • Manufactured triple bridged tension and compression load cells at 400, 500 and 2000TE
  • 2000TE load cell proof loaded to 3000TE in compression
Strainstall, part of James Fisher and Sons plc, was commissioned to design and manufacture a range of load cells, including a 2000TE load cell, delivered to China in quick turnaround for a client’s specific requirement.

These large load cells are to be used as part of a certified test machine that will measure the strength of a wide range of materials. Strainstall’s high precision tension and compression load cells offer greater stability and reliability, with the 2000TE cell proof loaded to 3000TE in compression and accuracy at 0.3% for all load cells provided.

“Having successfully supplied load cells to the same company last year,” Simon Everett, managing director of Strainstall, explained “this contract award is a reflection of our ability to meet and exceed customer demands, and clearly demonstrates Strainstall’s international reputation and expertise in bespoke load monitoring solutions. Our client had unprecedented requirements for accuracy which is why they came to us and we were able to exceed their requirements in both tension and compression.”

This contract further develops Strainstall’s offering to the Chinese market, where the potential for ongoing growth is significant for Strainstall as its one of the fastest growing countries in terms of revenue for the company.

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