Weighing Technology from HBM takes central role in monitoring of tires production

Weighing Technology from HBM takes central role in monitoring of tires production
HBM - Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (South Korea) - Tire manufacturer Kumho Tire, established in Korea in 1960, has become a well-established brand that is known for highest quality. HBM load cells are used in production for weighing tires to assure the quality of the finished product.

Joining the semi-finished units for molding in the drum is one of the most critical processes during the entire tire production process. The tire is molded in a so-called 'Green Case' and prepared for the subsequent curing process.

Weighing process for testing tire quality in the Green Case

Determining tire weight in the 'Green Case':

Scale manufacturer Scale-Tron, in cooperation with HBM, has developed a weighing solution for Kumho. HBM's SP4M load cell is used for determining tire weight in the 'Green Case': Every 'Green Case' is weighed using a weighing system comprising four SP4M load cells connected to the central system via a VKK junction box.

Weighing device with HBM's SP4 load cell and VKK junction box

Higher level of quality of the finished products:
Scale-Tron had been using load cells of domestic production for a long time. However, high failure rates and low reliability required a new approach. "Quality in production has top priority for our customers; therefore, our weighing system too needs to be of highest quality, since it takes a central role in monitoring. Our switch to HBM has made the entire system much more stable and enabled us to take the quality of the finished products to a new level," says Yoo Young-Seok, CEO of Scale-Tron.

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