Zemic Miniature Sensor integrated in sailing gadget

Zemic Miniature Sensor integrated in sailing gadget

Zemic Europe B.V. (Netherlands, Greece) - VMG Parts brings a new rig tuning device for all smaller sailing boats. It is important to tune the mast to get the best sail shape with helm balance while sailing. For this reason, checking the boat settings is very important. The best performance will be achieved if the mast is straight and in symmetry. The rig tension is required to transfer the wind pressure of sails to the hull sensitively, to prevent the forestay from sagging and to control the mast bend which affects the mainsail shape.

With the force measurement sensors from Zemic, VMG has developed the VMG Tension Meter. This is a sailing gadget that measures the rig tension in a few minutes, which enables you to sail off quickly. In sailing competitions, this helpful gadget can make the difference between winning and losing! New to this tension meter is the connection with the mobile app, so you can see all values on your smart phone.

VMG Parts is part of Sail Technologies and this brand is specialized in sports equipment optimization. They consult, design and implement equipment, based on the special requirement of their customers. VMG Parts is offering something new to racing sailing and aims to create a place where sailors of all ages can find the best advice and equipment. With the expertise of their team they can offer the best possible solutions for boats, tuning and equipment of all kinds.

Innovation and responding to the needs of the market, fits well with the mission and vision of Zemic Europe. As we strongly believe that our focus on creating value for our customers will help them to differentiate themselves in their market. Zemic Europe's slogan is therefore "We believe we make you stronger!"

Zemic & VMG Parts

  • Force sensor know-how and expertise in sports equipment
  • Best advice and equipment for sailors
  • Value for money sailing gadget
  • Custom made and modified miniature force sensors
  • Fast deliveries of weighing components

How Zemic Europe consulted VMG Parts:

VMG Parts wanted to develop a new tension meter that makes the life of sailors much easier. The meter must be able to measure in a few minutes, so it is possible to sail off quickly. The metrics must be reliable, so high quality sensors in the tension meter are essential. The tension meter must also be compact and easy to handle.

In their search for a supplier, VMG Parts wanted a partner who could help with the most appropriate sensor for this application. Zemic Europe has a very wide program of sensors and more than 30 years experience in the field of weighing. Together  with their large engineering department it is possible  to design custom made sensors. For this application Zemic has designed a new miniature sensor which fits in the tension meter.

About the VMG Tension Meter:

The new digital tension gauge makes rigging set up easier and more accurate. Sailors can measure in a few minutes and sail off.

The tension meter has the following features:

  • For wires 2-5 mm and up to 500 kg tension, suitable for over 100 classes
  • Easy Data Management
  • Time & Effort Efficiency
  • Simple Design Pattern
  • Value for money sailing gadget
  • Construction Simplicity
  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Ideal for Heavy Use Durability
  • High Quality
  • Resistant to Bad Weather Conditions

Smartphone connection: No need to purchase the screen and pay for additional connectivity

Reliable Metrics: Key Tool for Performance Indication

Data Storage: Historical Data Importance, keep track of your history settings


Zemic miniature sensor integrated in the VMG Tension Meter:

Zemic’s miniature force sensors offer good performance with high outputs and high overload capability for protection. These sensors are often integrated in specific applications where space is limited and a high accuracy is asked for. Zemic has developed a custom made version of the 1B miniature sensor to be integrated in the VMG Tension Meter. This sensor has the following features:

  • Aluminium bending miniature sensor
  • High accuracy
  • Used for portable balances


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