A&D HW-CEP Platform Scales Enhance Productivity and Safety in Hazardous Areas

A&D HW-CEP Platform Scales Enhance Productivity and Safety in Hazardous Areas

A&D Company, Limited (Japan) - Fast stabilization, LED comparator lights and auto-tare function increase throughput.

For factory owners and operators, A&D Weighing announced the availability of its HW-CEP intrinsically safe platform scales, which ensures safety and security when weighing in potentially hazardous environments. This new scale offers a new range of configuration options to meet ergonomic concerns while also speeding up processing and enhancing productivity with fast stabilization and built-in comparator lights.

“At A&D, we are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced innovative features through new product development and we will be releasing 15 new weighing product lines,” said Terry Duesterhoeft, President and CEO of A&D – Americas. “Our goal is to continually increase efficiency for the end-user and more effectively boost ROI. To that end, this new series is the first of its kind and truly brings an advanced solution to those weighing in potentially explosive environments.”

The HW-CEP Series of Intrinsically Safe scales with IECEx, ATEX, and FM/FMc certification for Zone 0, or Division 1 are easy to operate and install. Four D batteries allow this scale to be used anywhere and with a battery life of around 1,500 hours, eliminates the need for securing power from a safe area.

The new HW-CEP series of hazardous-area platform scales also offers the following features and benefits:

  • Fast stabilization: To streamline operations, the measured value can stabilize in as quickly as one second.
  • Comparator lights: To make packing and filling more accurate and efficient, the scale is equipped with bright, multi-colored 5-step LED’s, which indicate whether the measured weight is within designated limits. Comparisons can be made in either three levels, five levels, or even seven levels for grading applications.
  • Auto-tare Function: The HW-CEP series can automatically perform tare when the weight reaches the set target range, saving the operator from the hassle of pressing the TARE key each time for consecutive checkweighings, such as when filling multiple cups on the weighing pan with the same target quantity. In addition, negative values can also be set as upper and lower limits of the comparator. When combined with the auto-tare function, the result is "take-away" checkweighing that measures by repeatedly taking the target quantity out of a container without having to press any keys.
  • Bright LCD display: For optimum visibility in low-light areas, the clear white backlight on the display provides excellent visibility, improves operator work efficiency and reduces errors.
  • Alphanumeric keypad: Positioned on the display, the keypad allows for simple and straightforward entering of pre-set tare values, comparator limits, calibration values and a variety of internal settings.
  • The IP65 dust & waterproof base: Can be washed and also allows for weighing of wet objects. The surface of the stainless steel (SUS430) weighing pan is resistant to chemicals, scratches and rust, and easy to keep clean and hygienic.

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