Bilwinco Multihead Weighing - 3 Ways to Optimise Your Packing Costs

Bilwinco Multihead Weighing - 3 Ways to Optimise Your Packing Costs
Bilwinco A/S (Germany) - The Company R+FK Schulte in Plettenberg, Germany is one of the major producers of washers in Europe.

State of the art machinery, a modern logistics centre and the latest and most modern packing machines ensure that R+FK Schulte can supply their customers with a full and flexible service of a wide product range and short delivery times.

In order to optimise their packing and dispatch R+FK Schulte has focused on 3 points:
  1. High capacity and quick changeover from one product to another makes it possible to pack and deliver just in time – which reduces stock of ready packed articles.
  2. High capacity lines means less packing lines and less space needs to be allocated to the packing department.
  3. High accuracy means less give-away and no complaints due to incorrect deliveries.
To optimise their packing process R+FK Schulte have collaborated with BILWINCO for more than 15 years and they were one of the first fastener producers in Germany to install multi-head weighers in their packing department.

Today R+FK Schulte have 3 BILWINCO Multihead Weighers installed, and a 4th will be delivered shortly. Using traditional weighing/counting technology, they would have needed twice as many machines and also considerably more operators

The multi head technology from BILWINCO fulfils all the criteria for high capacity, quick change over and high accuracy, which keeps R+FK Schulte in the lead in a very competitive industry.

BILWINCO has produced weighing and packing systems since 1955. Our first Multihead Weighers for fastener products were installed in the 1980ies. Today practically all BILWINCO weighers supplied to the fastener industry are Multihead weighers.

Apart from fulfilling the needs for high capacity and extreme accuracy, BILWINCO’s hardware weighers are designed resist the extreme wear and tear which arises from handling many tonnes of heavy steel products every day.

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