Use of a lifting jack to install load cells is now obsolete – thanks to Thames Side’s patented LeverMount weigh module

Use of a lifting jack to install load cells is now obsolete – thanks to Thames Side’s patented LeverMount weigh module
Thames Side Sensors Ltd (UK) - The use of lifting jacks to raise a structure whilst installing load cells is now a thing of the past with the LeverMount weighing assembly from Thames Side Sensors.

This unique, patented design allows the weighing assembly to be attached to the structure during installation, with the load cell still in its box. Once the entire mechanical installation is complete and firmly fixed to the ground, the load cell can be added at the last moment (to avoid damage from any unexpected shocks during installation). Then the load cell is fastened down to the weighing assembly using an ordinary spanner/socket, which lifts the structure up and the load cells starts weighing. This can even be done when the vessel is full during normal production, so processes would not have to stop when a load cell is changed.

The LeverMount weighing assembly is compatible with the T66 stainless steel bending beam load cell (as the LeverMount Lite) at capacities from 10kg to 200kg. For higher capacities, from 300kg to 5000kg, the LeverMount assembly is available with the Model 350i stainless steel shear beam load cell. Both of these load cells are made from OIML C3 approved, with IP68 / IP69K protection and a high quality polyurethane cable that’s more resistant to chemical attack and impact than ordinary black PVC cables. All of Thames Side’s load cells are individually tested and rationalised to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability.

The weighing assembly features substantial lift-off protection and is tolerant of any misalignment in a steel structure. It’s 3-point attachment to the ground provides high stability as well.

The LeverMount has become the industry standard solution for small capacity hopper and tank weighing, even in food & pharmaceutical applications requiring all-stainless steel equipment that’s resistant to high-pressure wash down and steam cleaning. The lack of a screw jack for raising the weighing assembly eliminates problems caused by threads being clogged with powder or dirt.


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