Bizerba presents the A650 Slicing Machine for precise apportioning by Weight

Bizerba presents the A650 Slicing Machine for precise apportioning by Weight
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Bizerba expands its Scaleroline family of slicing machines with the fully automatic A650 slicer for industrial food manufacturing. With its high slicing performance, the A650 expands the portfolio of the Scaleroline family and provides industrial processes in the low-end power segment and at a high product variance. The integrated weighing technology enables different foods such as sausages, long-life goods and cheese to be sliced to meet a target weight as individual slices or in portions. Goods can be processed up to 900 mm in length so that the products need to be exchanged less frequently. The machine can be used in various locations, ensuring high productivity and flexibility and giving a quick return on investment.

The A650 is especially suitable for high product variance and naturally grown goods in industrial food manufacturing where slicing takes place for several hours a day. Virtually all types of sausage and cheese can be sliced, shingled or stacked without pre-freezing. The machine enables the target weight to be precisely controlled using exact slice tendency regulation within the portion. As soon as the first slice has been made, the slice strength is readjusted so that practically no wastage occurs during setup and operation. This works even if the ambient and product temperature cannot be exactly calibrated.

The A650 is equipped with functionalities for simple, ergonomic and safe operation in production. An automated support for the products to be cut enables simple fixation of various naturally-grown foods, ensures fast product exchange without tools and therefore short setup time. Thanks to its compact design and in-built wheels, the machine can be mobile and also quickly available at a variety of locations. It can be directly moved to an operational or cleaning site and is easy to store.

Key product figures are consolidated and evaluated into reports in real time via an interface to the _statistics.BRAIN software from Bizerba. With the help of the key figures, the user can optimize the productivity of the machine. It is also possible to develop customer-specific interfaces to meet individual requirements, such as automatic transfer of sliced goods to a packaging machine.

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