Elebia's New NEO50 Lifting Hook

Elebia's New NEO50 Lifting Hook

Elebia Autohooks S.L.U. (Spain) - Press Release: The New NEO50 is the perfect solution for lifting and transporting bell furnaces and for oversized liftings points of up to 130mmØ.

NEO50 Lifting Hook:

The NEO50 lifting hook has been designed as a solution for lifting and transporting any load, as well as for oversized lifting points of up to 130mm Ø. With its 50.000 kgs. (110.231 lbs.) lifting capacity and advanced safety and productivity features, the NEO50 lifting hook is the smartest lifting solution yet.

NEO50 Lifting Hook – Big Just Got Bigger!

How does it Work?

The NEO50 approaches the lifting point and once the trigger makes contact with the lifting point the closing operation begins.

Once the NEO50’s sensor recognizes the hook is in the closed position, it latches automatically, with the LED’s status changing from green (open), to red, (intermediate state), and finally to blue (closed). It is at that moment that the cargo is ready to be lifted and transported.

LED Status Indicator:

Besides its fail-safe design, as with the rest of our lifting products, the NEO50 also carries a High-Brightness LED status indicator, an additional safety measure which shows the lifting hook’s status at all times with a bright 4 colour colour-code scheme visible from the operator’s position.

  • Green: Lifting Hook is Open / Release Load
  • Red: Intermediate: Do Not Lift!
  • Blue: Lifting Hook is Closed / Lift & Manoeuvre Load
  • White: Low Battery

Smart Battery:

You will never have to worry about a discharged battery with the rechargeable Li-Ion technology of the NEO50’s high-capacity battery.

When the NEO50 is in Smart Nap Mode, its electronics and LED status indicator will not activate themselves until the hook has made contact with the load’s lifting point, improving the batteries’ efficiency and energy consumption.

The slot cover is also protected with a safety lock which protects the battery from falling in case of impact.

By means of the eMAX remote control, the electronics of the lifting hook can be configured so that when the battery charge is below a preset threshold by the user, the hook can only be opened.

With this threshold, even is the battery is almost discharged, you will always be able to open the lifting hook and release the load.

Always On/Smart Nap:

Always On:

With the “Always On” mode, the colour code scheme of the LED status indicator will always be visible. Blue – for closed – and green – for open – are continuous for 10 seconds and then take an intermittent pattern in order to save battery.

Activate this mode by pushing the top button beside the battery.

Battery Duration:

  • 5,000 cycles / 250 hours in standby mode.

Smart Nap:

The “Smart Nap” mode reduces battery consumption by activating the LED’s colour-code scheme when the NEO50’s hook commences its closing motion. Up until that moment, the lifting hook is in sleeper mode and its electronics and battery are not active.

Battery Duration:

  • 5,000 cycles / up to 2 months in standby mode.

Load Cell*:

The NEO50 is equipped with a load cell.

This load cell is precise, reliable, rugged, compact and fully integrated into the lifting hook, representing no increase in weight or dimensions of the unit.

With the load cell, as of 1% of the working load limit (500 kgs.), the intermittence of the LED Status Indicator is of a higher frequency. With this feature, it is visually recognizable that the lifting hook is closed and with a suspended load.

* This feature is optional.

Laser Pointer:

The NEO50 carries a Laser Pointer as an optional feature.

In lifting operations, and from a certain distance, the sense of depth can be misjudged.

The laser pointer acts as a guide in order to perfectly place and set the NEO50 lifting hook in the correct position when approaching the lifting point.

It can be manually activated by pressing the button that is beside the battery slot.

* This feature is optional.

Fail-safe Design:

Thanks to its fail-safe design, once the load is correcly placed on the lifting hook, it is not possible to release or drop the cargo that is being lifted.

Remote Controlled:

Remotely engage any load with any of our remote controls.

All of them allow a simple and reliable control in a fail-safe way.

Send all the necessary orders and receive all the info from the NEO50 lifting hook straight to your remote control.

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