SMSTurbo Scale Management Solution now with Integrated Payment Processing Powered by Merchant Partners

SMSTurbo Scale Management Solution now with Integrated Payment Processing Powered by Merchant Partners
Creative Information Systems, Inc. (USA) - SMSTurbo now offers integrated payment processing in conjunction with Merchant Partners (MP) Payment Processing. MP not only facilitates all of your regular credit/debit processing but also saves you money by ensuring that you get the reduced discount rates for qualifying utility transactions. If you are currently not taking advantage of utility pricing, contact MP/1st Mile to see how much you can save.

Merchant Partners Features & Benefits:
  • All Major Credit & Debit Cards
  • Qualifying Utility Rate Discount
  • Check Services
  • PCI Compliance Program
  • Hardware Support
  • Stored Profile / Recurring Billing

About Creative Information Systems, Inc. and SMSTurbo:
Creative Information Systems (CIS) develops and implements Scale Management Software solutions to automate the ticketing process and can integrate with your accounting solution for seamless end-to-end operations. Our products adapt to your business process and dramatically help to streamline the ticketing and billing tasks.

If your business is the moving of product across scales every day then you understand the value of servicing your customers promptly. CIS is ready to meet your business needs with powerful tools to allow you to track and manage products going over the scale. Our modular software approach allows customers to tailor solutions to their specific requirements. From creating invoices, statements and bills of lading to tracking payments, CIS has the software to get the job done. CIS will help increase throughput and profitability, to help you maintain a competitive edge.

Unattended scale operations can also be performed with CIS products. When applications don’t require personnel to be at the scale site or for around-the-clock operations, unattended operations can be a very cost-effective way of installing an automated scale system.

Servicing our clients since 1985, CIS operates on the premise that we treat you, not just as a customer for our product, but also as a partner looking for a business solution to grow and improve your business. The CIS team will work with you to improve your business processes and, in turn, improve your bottom line.

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